The Branch Executives


 Stéphane Colin

President's Report

 I was born in 1968. My mother tongue is French and I am a parent. I joined CPF (Canadian Parents for French) in April of 2001. My child is attending the Early French Immersion Program at Tallahassee Community School. I want to make sure that she receives the best possible education. For me it was simple. I feel that as a member of Canadian Parents for French I can best support my child, her class mates and the school to ensure that they receive the best possible education.


Vive President: 

Bernadette Arsenault

My name is Bernadette Arsenault and I am Vice President of CPF Eastern Passage/Cow Bay Chapter.  I have a daughter enrolled in French Immersion Grade 1 and glad to have done so.  A second language is such a valuable asset in today's society and to have a school within our community to offer that opportunity is wonderful.

Treasurer / Secretary:    

Andrea Gravelle

My name is Andrea Gravelle. I have lived in Eastern Passage since 1987. I have a daughter in the lead grade 3 class French Immersion. Several mothers got together last year to discuss issues concerning the class and together we became involved in Canadian Parents For French.




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